Teen Mom 3’s Matt McCann Is Trying to Lower His Monthly Child Support — Report
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Teen Mom 3’s Matt McCann Is Trying to Lower His Monthly Child Support — Report

Matt McCann has come so far since ye olden days when he was wandering around in giant tie-dye shirts and mumbling incoherently. This Teen Mom 3 hunk is currently sober and living it up with his daughter, Arabella, who he has visitation with every week. However, while it's true that Matt is going to great lengths to see his kiddo, this dude definitely has some making up to do when it comes to child support.

According to Matt's ex, Alexandria Sekella, Matt owes over $1,000 in child support and she took to Twitter to complain a few days back. "355x8=$2,840 you have paid 516.40," Alex tweeted on May 15. "I'm not the one dragging u in for support the state is DAH."

Matt definitely spoils Arabella rotten when he can (he's been known to show up to visitation with toys and clothes galore), but boyfriend still doesn't have enough cash money to pay his child support on time. In fact, rumor has it that he's trying to lower his monthly bill!

According to a source from Teen Mom Truth, Matt recently filed a petition to lower his monthly child support payments due to financial distress and unemployment. The source says that Matt was ordered to pay $390 per month back in November of 2013 (at the time he had a job with benefits), but apparently he just can't keep up.

It's easy to fault this dude for wanting to lower his support for Arabella, but hopefully his decreased payments will be temporary, and he'll agree to pay the full amount once he's employed full-time again!

Do you think it's wrong of Matt to petition for lower monthly child support payments? Let us know below.

Source: Teen Mom Truth