Matt McCann’s Fiancée Almost Drowned — How Did He Save Her Life?
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Matt McCann’s Fiancée Almost Drowned — How Did He Save Her Life?

Please form yet another prayer circle for Teen Mom 3's Matt McCann. This notorious baby daddy has totally turned his life around since abusing drugs during his episode of 16 and Pregnant, but fans are once again clutching at their pearls in fear for Matt's life. The good news? This hunk is still clean and sober, and living it up with his fiancée, Lekota Koch. The bad news? Matt and Lekota got into a serious accident while on an Easter hike.

According to a report from the folks at Starcasm, Matt and Lekota came across an abandoned building in the woods and decided to frolic in it, as ya do. Unfortunately, they were blocked by a stream which they decided to jump across. That's when things took a turn for the worse.

“On both sides were these two cement slabs we could use to jump across,” Lekota tells Starcasm. “I decided to go first and, when I jumped, I slipped and hit the other cement slab and went into the water. The current was very fast and it was all pouring into basically a sinkhole. That’s when Matt jumped in and grabbed me. I remember getting to the car and that is when I blacked out for about 12 hours.”

Wow, sounds like Matt saved Lekota's life — though you'll be surprised to learn that this happy couple are actually taking “a break from each others company.” And for those of you who are worried that Matt is back on drugs, think again.

“Matt hasn’t relapsed … We are still very much together. Matt’s taking this time to handle custody s—t and I’m taking my time to recover,” Lekota tweeted. “I told Matt I needed to be alone, so he packed and went to his moms. We are still together.”

So, what have we taken away from this story? Matt McCann is basically a hero — might be related to Superman — and can officially add "Excels in Making Ladies Swoon" to his resume. We're so happy that he and Lekota are safe and sound!

Do you think Matt and Lekota will make things work? Sound off below!

Source: Starcasm

04.24.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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