Max Adler on the Blaine-Sebastian-Karofsky Scene That ALMOST Happened
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Max Adler on the Blaine-Sebastian-Karofsky Scene That ALMOST Happened

We must admit, we keep hoping that Dave Karofsky (Max Adler) will pop up again on Glee to give us a sense of how he's been since his suicide attempt. As it turns out, Karofsky almost appeared in a Season 5 episode with Blaine (Darren Criss) and Sebastian (Grant Gustin) — despite a Glee producer having said a while back that a return for Karofsky was unlikely.

Karofsky hasn't appeared on Glee since Season 3's emotional "On My Way," when he attempted suicide. Kurt visits Karofsky in the hospital during the episode, and we see a vision of Karofsky having a happy future. However, some fans have complained that the show should have checked in on Karofsky since then.

Max who is now appearing on Switched at Birth tells Starry Mag that he was in talks to film a Glee scene with Blaine and Sebastian this season, but it never quite came together because of timing. "Glee came around a few months ago, and they were going to put together a scene with me, Darren Criss, and Grant Gustin," Max reveals.

"I can't say where or what was happening, but it was just a scene with the three of us that would show you where Karofsky ended up and what he was doing now," Max says. "It was very quickly resolved in two minutes. It didn't work out because of Grant doing his show and me doing mine. The schedules just never clicked."

However, Max thinks it's good that they didn't film that follow-up scene. "I think that it is almost more powerful now to not have such closure just handed to you," he adds. "Everyone can see Karofsky where they want to see Karofsky."

Frankly, we're bummed that the new Karofsky scene never came to fruition, since we really think it isn't fair that Glee viewers don't get closure on his storyline. However, if Max is happy with how things wrapped up, then we suppose we are, too.

Do we wish that Glee would follow up with Karofsky?

Source: Starry Mag

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