Maxim Previews 2014 Hot 100 — Iggy, Demi, Miley, Bey, Xtina, RiRi, Oh My!
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Maxim Previews 2014 Hot 100 — Iggy, Demi, Miley, Bey, Xtina, RiRi, Oh My!

We're only two weeks away from Maxim's 2014 Hot 100, the magazine's annual pictorial roundup of its hottest hundred female celebs — i.e. the new wallpaper for the mag's millions of horndog readers!

And since we're all dying to know which ladies made the grade this year, the magazine has charitably released the names and positions of 19 of the beauties.

Music stars who don't exactly fall into the "pop" category permeate the bottom of the list: Aussie hip-hopper Iggy Azalea (No. 96), the "Young and Beautiful" Lana Del Rey (No. 82), and Brit hitmaker Rita Ora (No. 73).

Nickelodeon and Disney alums fall a little higher up on the list. The always victorious Victoria Justice comes in at No. 86, and actress Ashley Tisdale (No. 33) comes in not far behind her co-star Vanessa Hudgens (No. 28).

Other stars of the screen on the list include Girl Meets World star Danielle Fishel (No. 69), Robin Thicke washout Paula Patton (No. 48), and queen of the Mistresses Alyssa Milano (No. 34).

Country stars make a strong presence on the list — Kacey Musgraves (No. 70), Carrie Underwood (No. 56), and Kellie Pickler (No. 46).

But the top of the list so far belongs to pop stars: Demi Lovato (No. 40), Shakira (No. 38), Miley Cyrus (No. 25), Beyoncé (No. 21), Selena Gomez (No. 19), Christina Aguilera (No. 15), and Rihanna (No. 11).

Wow. It's so good to see that the magazine clearly values brains above looks and is LGBT-inclusive. Oh, wait…

Source: Maxim

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