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Grey’s Anatomy’s McSteamy Then and Now — Look How Much Eric Dane Has Changed! (PHOTOS)

Think back to Grey’s Anatomy Season 2, back when Meredith Grey & Co. were still interns and when cases like bombs inside patients and two people impaled on a pole were the norm; back when the hospital was still Seattle Grace, not Grey Sloan Memorial; and when we first met McSteamy. (Yes, he was shirtless.) 

A lot has changed throughout the past nine — and soon-to-be 10 — seasons of our favorite medical drama, including the doctors. Since we see the core doctors on a weekly basis, sometimes it’s hard to remember how far they’ve come and how different they look now, but when someone leaves the show and their portrayer pops up on a red carpet, it’s more apparent.

Let’s take Mark “McSteamy” Sloan for example. He passed away tragically last season after waking up from a coma in a “surge” moment, giving his friends and family closure after the plane crash. Now that he’s gone from Grey’s for good — that ghost thing didn’t work out too well for Denny Duquette — we have been following actor Eric Dane via his new projects (upcoming TNT show The Last Ship) and his many dapper looks on the red carpet.

Below is a picture of him from his early Grey’s days, back when McSteamy would take his shirt off frequently and dazzle (almost) every doctor with his sparkling eyes, smile, and charming words. Eric was 33 then, and now, in 2013, he’s 40. Seven years can change a lot, and though he still is gorgeous, it’s hard to believe how different he looks now! Hey, a little salt 'n' pepper can do a man good — just ask George Clooney! 

Do you think Eric has changed a lot over the past seven years, or does he still look the same to you? Weigh in below!

Grey’s Anatomy’s McSteamy Then and Now — Look How Much Eric Dane Has Changed! (PHOTOS)
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06.13.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Alyse Whitney
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