Walking Dead Spoilers: Meaning of \
Walking Dead Spoilers: Meaning of “W” on Walker Foreheads Will Be Revealed
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The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Spoilers: Meaning of “W” on Walker Foreheads Will Be Revealed


The walkers of Virginia are being branded. We saw the “W” on walker heads outside Richmond in The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 9, and another one got that marking just outside Alexandria’s gate in Episode 13. They are close. Scary. It’s a good thing we have Carol the Cookie Monster to defend us! She’ll scare those “W” people off in no time.

Speaking of Carol Peletier, Melissa McBride addressed the markings in her post-“Forget” interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Here’s what they asked and what she answered:

There's a walker with a "W" — or an upside down "M" — carved into its forehead. Could this be a Morgan clue? What can you say about what we'll learn there?

I believe it's a W; we think it's a W. That's going to be revealed. It's obviously something that's curious that we haven't seen before. What does it mean? Is it somebody's signature? We'll see.

It’s a Cabbage Patch Walker — that’s the new Xavier Roberts on the forehead!

Walking Dead Spoilers: Meaning of “W” on Walker Foreheads Will Be Revealed
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Seriously, though, Some viewers think the “W” could be an “M” for Morgan Jones, who is following the group and maybe took a cue from the markings he saw on trees along the way. But why would he do that — unless he’s still crazy? And how would he have gotten to Richmond before Rick and company when he’s meant to be “months” behind them in the storyline? Can we cross Morgan off the list?

The highest-ranking theory at this point is that the “W” is a symbol of a group that might be called The Wolves since there were signs out there noting “Wolves Not Far” and it’s possible The Wolves are a remix of The Scavengers, a group in the comic book that approaches the Alexandria gate around this time in the story timeline and demands entrance. (“Little pig, little pig, let me in.” Wolf-like, no?)

However, that doesn’t really explain the severed body parts in Richmond, since The Scavengers didn’t do stuff like that in the comic — The Saviors kind of did, though. They chopped up walkers and put them outside their factory base, called The Sanctuary, so that’s part of where some confusion comes in.

Walking Dead Spoilers: Meaning of “W” on Walker Foreheads Will Be Revealed
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Back when we first saw the severed body parts and walker head markings in Richmond, The Powers That Be said they were teases of the bigger picture. What if the picture is big enough to include that wackadoo back in the Terminus train car, the one with all the markings on his face? He took over Terminus from Gareth The Good, then helped create Gareth The Gruesome. Glenn argued to set that guy free and the guy told Rick “We’re the same!” before getting eaten by walkers. What if he was part of the same group/gang that hit Richmond, and is now outside Alexandria?

That might be confusing the issue too much. But to confuse it further, maybe the “W” is tied to the three Alexandria exiles. And maybe Enid is connected too, since that "W" walker was found outside the blender house and she's been in that zone ... and she was the one with the "Wolf Fight" comic.

Or not. We'll find out. In the comic, The Scavengers are based in the D.C. area and scavenge for supplies; they're drawn to the Safe-Zone by the sound of Glenn and Heath’s supply runner motorcycles, then follow the sound of gunshots to the ASZ gate. The season finale Episode 16 synopsis sounds fairly close to that. But even if they're adapting them as The Wolves, the story still has enough twists to keep us guessing.

Do you have a theory on the meaning of “W” (or “M,” if you want to stick with that) and how it will play out?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter