Meek Mill Is Going Crazy in Solitary Confinement 23 Hours a Day — Report

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Meek Mill Is Going Crazy in Solitary Confinement 23 Hours a Day — Report


UPDATE (11/16/17 at 07:05 a.m. ET):

Meek Mill is being kept in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, 7 days a week in prison, it has been revealed. 

The rapper's attorney's have filed legal documents to allow him to interact with other inmates, saying he is a victim of his celebrity.

Prison officers are worried that if Meek interacts with other prisoners, he will be put in danger. 

His legal team are reportedly pleading with the judge to release him from solitary confinement because they believe it is destroying his psyche and "inhibiting his creativity," according to TMZ.

Outrage continues to mount over the rapper's sentencing, with celebrities and fans rallying for his immediate release. 

Meek Mill, The Game feud
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ORIGINAL (11/14/17 at 10:15 a.m. ET):

Meek Mill's harsh sentencing has caught the attention of many fans — and now the FBI, too.

The rapper was sentenced last week to 2-4 years in jail for violating probation almost a decade ago, and now, it turns out there may have been some bias on the judge's part.

So, could Meek be set free?!

That has yet to be determined, but the good news is his parole case is at least being revisited.

The Philadelphia judge presiding over the case, Judge Genece Brinkley, is being probed by the FBI, Page Six reports.

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Meek's lawyer claims there's a bias on her part, as she allegedly has ties to the music scene in Philly and asked him to "drop his current management, Roc Nation, and sign with Philly music figure Charlie Mack, whom Meek worked with early in his career."

Judge Brinkley is also said to have requested that Nicki Minaj's ex give her a positive lyrical shoutout in a Boyz II Men song — a group managed by Charlie — but he declined, which could've probed her to give Meek a harsher sentencing than he deserved.

Meanwhile in Philly... #freemeekmill

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Undercover agents have supposedly been in the courtroom following the case since April 2016, and claim Charlie said he knew the judge personally and told Meek he could help him with his case.

However, the producer has since disputed this report.

Meanwhile, in addition to an online petition fans filed to have his case revisited (which now has over 350K signatures!), celebs have come to Meek's defense, basically all agreeing his punishment didn't match the crime.

Jay-Z, Kevin Hart and T.I were among the rapper's first supporters.

The latest R&B star to stand in the 30-year-old's corner is Rick Ross, the head honcho at Meek's label, who led a #FreeMeek walk in Philadelphia on Monday, November 13.


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TMZ reports several hundred people came out to support the cause, and Dr. J of NBA fame made a speech that was drowned out by "Free Meek" chants.

Meek, meanwhile, remains behind bars in solitary confinement, but we hope he knows how many supporters he has on the outside!

The cats I used to look up to dont look the same nomore!

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Do you think the FBI investigation will find bias on the judge's part? Will Meek be set free soon? Share below!