Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Chris Bukowski?
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Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Chris Bukowski?

When it comes to Bachelor in Paradise casting, there will definitely be faces many viewers have never seen before. And then there's Chris Bukowski. The three-timer has spent more than his fair share of time on-camera, but for those of you who still don't recognize him, here's the rundown.

Age: Grown ass man (aka 27)

Hometown: Chicago then Arlington, Virginia, now Chicago again

First appeared: Emily Maynard's Season 8 in 2012

Other appearances: Bachelor Pad 3 (runner-up), Bachelorette 10 (crashed the premiere)

Occupation: Bar owner of The Bracket Room in the DC area, another project in the works

Show dating history: Most recently linked to BiP cast mate Elise Mosca. Hooked up with Jamie Otis and Blakeley Shea on Bachelor Pad before moving on to Sarah Newlon.

Most memorable moment: There are so many...

1) The time he yelled "I'm a grown ass man" on Bachelorette 8 without a hint of irony.

2) Getting called out by Blakeley and the majority of the Bachelor Pad cast for being kind of a player and a liar.

3) "Pulling a Bukowski" aka interrupting a Rose Ceremony to man tear his way into a pity rose.

4) Doing his best to sell the idea that crashing Andi's season premiere was all his call.

Likelihood of finding love in Paradise: Slim. The man is gorgeous, successful, well-dressed, and, obviously, a big ball of fun. But does he really want love or more time on camera? It's hard to say. We'd love to give him the benefit of the doubt, but in our world, that means believing Chris is smart enough to use this appearance to his advantage, whatever that may be. That said, read on...

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers: How does it end for him?

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