Who Are the Teen Mom 3 Girls?
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Who Are the Teen Mom 3 Girls?

Teen Mom 3 is set to premiere Monday, August 26, 2013 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV and obviously, we can’t wait. But for those of you who are still clueless as to the new girls on the Teen Mom block, we’ve got the lowdown on these four ladiesBriana DeJesus, Mackenzie Douthit, Alexandria Sekella, and Katie Yeager — so be prepared for a whirlwind of drama.

This isn’t the first time at the rodeo for this gals. Each girl had her own breakout episode during Season 4 of 16 and Pregnant. On Briana’s episode, we learned that she hails from Orlando, Fla. and gets pregnant by her ex-boyfriend Devoin Austin ll which is just half the drama. Not only was Devoin pretty reluctant in his daddy duties, Briana also had to battle with the fact that her sister, Brittany, got pregnant around the same time she did, but opted for an abortion. Talk about your dramz!

Briana saw past it long enough to give birth to a beautiful girl she named Nova Star. On her debut season, Briana will be dealing with the constant fighting between her ex Devoin, who apparently wants to be in Nova’s life … when it’s convenient for him. And as you can imagine, Briana is none too happy with this arrangement.

Next up is our favorite cheerleading Okie, Mackenzie. This mama had to temporarily put her professional cheerleading career on hold to have her lovable son, Gannon, but her baby daddy/ fiancé, Josh McKee, struggled with sacrificing his rodeo career for the sake of their son. During Season 1 of Teen Mom 3, we’ll see how the couple cope with making sacrifices (or not) for their family.

When we meet Alexandria, the Pennsylvanian mama and her boyfriend Matt McCann go through a major rough patch after Alexandria changes her mind and decides to keep their baby instead of giving her up for adoption. Matt becomes increasingly distant after this decision and the two struggle hard. On Teen Mom 3 we will continue to see Alex struggle to make ends meet with three jobs while her baby daddy deals with his drug addiction. Tough.

And finally, there’s the beard-lovin’ Katie. The Wyoming hottie and her baby daddy Joey Maes seem to be going down the right track — they live together, are oh so in love, but struggle to make ends meet. That is, until we see them again in Teen Mom 3. Not only does Joey proposed to Katie, but he breaks her heart just as quickly (spoiler alert).

If you still need to get a glimpse of these girls’ lives, make sure to check out the newest trailer for Teen Mom 3 and check the ladies out when the show premieres tonight, Monday, August 26 at 10 p.m. ET pm on MTV!

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