The Walking Dead Meets World Cup in The Dead Cup Tournament — Vote Now!
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Meets World Cup in The Dead Cup Tournament — Vote Now!

Excellent! The Walking Dead already had a tie-in to the 2014 World Cup via Steven Yeun (Glenn), but now fans can combine their love for tournament brackets with their loyalty to TWD characters through’s The Dead Cup.

(Instead of “Goooooooaaaaalll!” we can just keep shouting “Caaaaarrrrllllll!”)

The logo they created for The Dead Cup is pretty impressive on its own. Right now they are just focusing on characters from the ongoing comic book series, but they’ll do one for TV characters at a later date. So, if you don’t read the books, don’t be surprised if some of the names aren’t familiar to you.

Here’s part of the intro:

“World Cup Fever has gripped the planet and we here at Skybound World Headquarters are not immune. I find myself yelling at my monitor over red cards and arguing with Mackiewicz over Offside rules. So we thought, why not bring some of that magic to TWD? [...] We’re skipping the round-robin group stage and going straight to a 4-group, 32 character single-elimination tournament! It’s gonna get bloody! Vote today for your favorite character in each match up and check back when the next Group starts to see the results! You know how they say ‘it’s not a popularity contest’? Well this is!”

The first match-up, Group A, includes the heavyweight battle of Rick vs. Shane (a must-vote if ever there was one), plus Dwight vs. Hershel, Maggie vs. Earl, and Eugene vs. Morgan.

Head here to vote for Group A, then head back to vote for the next round. Do you think Rick can win it all? Since they are just focusing on comic book characters right now, people like Daryl won't be included. But Negan should be showing up at some point...

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.