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Megan Fox on Losing Weight Post-Pregnancy: “It’s Kind of Awful” (VIDEO)

Megan Fox made many a teenage boy’s dream come true this week as she strutted her stuff down the San Diego Comic Con red carpet. The starlet was on hand to promote Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which, as you probably already know, Megan shot while pregnant!

Her baby bump’s long gone now — son Bodhi was born in February — and Megan’s looking as amazing as ever. So how’d she do it? Well, beyond the fact that she’s Megan Fox and genetically blessed with chromosome Smokin’ Hot, the 28-year-old actress says she sticks to strict dieting rules when looking to lose some pounds.

“Let me tell you: the first time I didn’t do anything. I was just lucky and I was younger,” she says of losing the baby weight after the birth of eldest child Noah. Pregnancy No. 2 though? “It wasn’t coming off the same way.”

That meant watching what she eats and, as she tells E! Online, cutting some food groups out completely. No surprise here — the two parts of the Food Pyramid that got axed were bread and sugar.

“It’s kind of awful but it’s what I’m doing,” she says, clearly craving a doughnut.

Best of luck, Megan! We’ll just be here, eating that doughnut.

Source: E! Online