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Megan Fox on Motherhood: Bodhi Peed on Me and I Just Let It Air-Dry (VIDEO)

We look at the fabulously fit Megan Fox, and we think, "She gave birth to two kids?" Harder to believe? One of those kids once peed on the starlet and she was all, "Meh, just let it air-dry."

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star spills the gross story in an interview with The Stir as her go-to example on what it feels like to be a mom.

"I'll have these moments, like the other day — three days ago actually — I was holding [5-month-old son] Bodhi, and [22-month-old son] Noah was running around. I was trying to manage both of them because my husband [Brian Austin Green] wasn't feeling well. My sister was with me, and we were talking. We were having some sort of theological discussion, and Bodhi peed through his diaper and onto me."

But it gets worse. "I was so exhausted that I didn't even bother looking for a wipe to clean me up. I just checked his clothes to make sure they weren't wet, and they weren't. I was soaking wet, but I just let it air-dry."

Megan admits it's gross but heck, "that's how you know you have so many children that you just … I was too tired to be bothered with cleaning up my clothes or even my hands. I was just like, 'Eh, f—k it.'"

As long as her kids are OK, that's all that matters to Megan. All the other, well, s—t she can deal with.

"That's sort of one of those moments when you realize how much your life has changed — especially for me because, once upon a time, I was a germaphobe!" she continues. "The idea of that would have like sent me hiding under the covers. Now I just embrace it and wear it, and it is what it is."

And we bet you still looked amazing, Megan!

Watch the video above to hear another surprising revelation from Megan!

Source: The Stir