Meghan Chambler’s Death: What Went Wrong?
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The Walking Dead

Meghan Chambler’s Death: What Went Wrong?

Watching the last few episodes of The Walking Dead, one could've totally guessed Meghan Chambler (Meyrick Murphy)'s death was coming. She was a dead ringer for Penny, The Governor (David Morrissey)'s daughter. She was too sweet. She was a screamer, not a runner.

But what made Meghan's death one of the saddest of the series so far was how it could've been prevented — but it wasn't just one bad decision that led to the death of the pint-sized survivor.

She never left the house. The Chambler family was so cooped up in their home that they didn't even know that everyone is infected, and The Governor (as Brian Heriot) had to intervene when Meghan's grandpa died of cancer before he got too bitey. Meghan was used to safety, and unlike tuff kids Lizzie and Mika, she didn't have to take too many survival lessons to heart.

… Also, she left the house. What's the worst thing to do to a child that's been used to having a secure house and a van full of food for the entirety of the zombie apocalypse? Taking her out of the secure house and away from the van full of food because there might be something better out there. Of course, this is partially The Gov.'s fault for seeming so gosh-darn trustworthy and promising to protect the family...

She never learned self-defense. As much as we love Meghan's mom Lilly Chambler (Audrey Marie Anderson) and her aunt Tara Chambler (Alanna Masterson), they could have taken a lesson from Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride). If there are undead killers that think you look really tasty at every turn, your kid should probably at least know some basic self-defense.

Heck, she never even learned to run. Meghan was chased by zombies twice before one finally got her, and each time it was by quick-thinking and the grace of God that she didn't die those times. Why? Because she just stands still and screams. If you're not going to teach your kid to headshot a zombie, at least train them to leave the premises when danger is nigh.

Nobody noticed the Flash Flood Zone. Okay, so a camp of like 20 people set up their RVs next to a river in the South next to a huge pile of mud, and nobody stops to think, "hey, maybe it's dangerous here"?

Everybody trusted The Governor. This is really a mistake that everybody made. The Chamblers trusted The Governor to protect them when they left their house. The rest of their camp trusted him when he said they needed to attack the Prison. It's a mistake that many have made before them — Andrea, Milton Mamet — that thankfully, nobody will make again.

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