Meghan Ory Talks Leaving (and Returning to) Once Upon a Time (VIDEO)
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Once Upon a Time

Meghan Ory Talks Leaving (and Returning to) Once Upon a Time (VIDEO)

In case you're still nervous we'll never see Ruby again now that Meghan Ory is moving on to CBS's new show Intelligence, maybe the latest comment on her departure will help reassure you.

"I love Once Upon a Time some much, and I haven't actually said goodbye," Meghan commented last month in an interview at the CTV upfronts. "Ruby hasn't died. You know, she's still somewhere. So I hopefully am going to be going back."

This in in line with other comments Meghan and the Once Upon a Time showrunners have made in the past. It sounds like everyone involved wants Ruby to pop up when she can, which hopefully means we haven't seen the last of good ol’ Little Red Riding Hood.

In fact, at the Intelligence Comic-Con panel on July 28, Meghan revealed where she thinks Ruby is right now. "I like to think she just went running around the woods in wolf-form. She's like, 'You know, I want to stretch my legs and go for a run,'" Meghan dished, adding, "I think that we will see her again."

That said, Meghan is also excited to work on her new project, explaining that "everyone" was really supportive of the move, because it gives her a chance to take on a larger role. "They were very encouraging to have me do something in a bigger capacity, because, you know, Once Upon a Time has so many characters, and you can only tell so many stories."

For much more from Meghan, check out the full interview below:

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