Melissa Gorga Is Nearly Unrecognizable With Curly Hair in Flashback Photo
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Melissa Gorga Is Nearly Unrecognizable With Curly Hair in Flashback Photo

Talk about a blast from the past! Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga has kept us on our toes with varying hair colors over the years, but whether she's rocking black hair, a variety of brunette, or the so-light-it's-nearly-blonde honey brown she favors these days, one thing has stayed the same — her hair is always gently wavy or, sometimes, even straighter than that.

So imagine our surprise at seeing the flashback photo on the left above, which Melissa posted on Instagram for flashback Friday a few weeks ago. In it, her hair is not only jet black, but full of curls. Talk about a different look!

In the pic, Melissa is cuddling up with a young Antonia, whose curls match her mommy's. In fact, Melissa even hashtagged the photo #mammashair and #twins. Unlike Melissa, Antonia still wears her hair curly these days. Sure, she's all grown up, but that head of hair looks the same at any age!

While we adore the sleek and sophisticated look Melissa has chosen for herself, we gotta say, we're envious of her curls in that flashback photo. Maybe she should go back to that look for a bit, just to change things up!

What do you think: Are you loving Melissa's curls in the flashback pic, or do you prefer her current style?

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