Melissa Gorga: My “Saga” With Teresa Giudice Has Gotten To Be Too Much
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Melissa Gorga: My “Saga” With Teresa Giudice Has Gotten To Be Too Much

Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga hashed things out yet again on last week's Season 5 Reunion Part 1. But have they finally patched things up for good? And if they have, is that a good thing for the franchise, which is sagging in the ratings?

Indeed, you aren't the only one growing tired of Teresa and Melissa's squabbles, as Melissa took to Twitter on October 6 to point out that she's ready to put the drama behind her.

"Truth be told!" Melissa tweeted. "The M & T saga is too much. We were both wrong at times & we are moving on with forgiveness. We are family. Xo."

Hooray! We've been hoping they'd improve their relationship, and yet they've kept going at it. So with Melissa now vowing to move on, and with Teresa clearly facing a difficult time with her legal battle, we hope the fighting is indeed over.

That said, given this week's intense moments between them, with Teresa accusing Melissa of sharing stories about her to gossip sites, we're still not sure if they can ever be on truly good terms.

And does the show's slumping ratings have anything to do with Melissa's change of heart? This week's RHoNJ reunion show was the series' lowest-rated one ever, with fans lamenting that the show's drama has gotten boring, and now it appears that Melissa agrees with the complaints.

So will Melissa and Teresa really patch things up? And do you hope Season 6 will be more exciting than this year's was?

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