Melissa Joan Hart on Ryan Reynolds Hook Up: “His Lips Were Pretty Wonderful”
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Melissa Joan Hart on Ryan Reynolds Hook Up: “His Lips Were Pretty Wonderful”

We’ve all thought about it, you guys — making out with Ryan Reynolds, that is. But Melissa Joan Hart just confessed in her new tell-all book, Melissa Explains It All, that she actually got to kiss Blake Lively’s hot husband!

So, how the heck did it happen, and what does Blake think of it all? Well, as Mel.Jo.Ha explains, they met on the set of the 1996 TV movie, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. It seems their showmance was a hot one, since on the last day of filming, Ryan gifted Melissa a Bulova watch. (WHAT? It was a TV MOVIE, Reynolds!)

Wanting to show her own appreciation, Melissa says they ended up “fooling around” in her hotel room. Despite the fact that it happened 17 years ago, the Melissa & Joey star seems to recall pretty much everything about that night… “I remember that his lips were pretty wonderful, plus he has these big hands and shoulders that completely swallowed my petite frame,” she explains. “It was a terrific distraction from how strongly he smelled of hair product.”

Oh lord, we have SO many questions. Where’s Ferguson to steal her diary when we need him? But wait, it gets a little weirder. It seems that last year, Blake Lively reached out to Melissa to ask her help choosing a birthday present for Ryan. At that time, Clarissa thought it was only right to explain it all, and so she told her. “It’s funny. I told her, ‘Just so you know, I’m coming out with a book,’ and she was like, ‘Okay!’"

We’re not exactly sure how all these moving parts rotated together, but Melissa talked a little more about it on Chelsea Lately to guest host Ross Matthews. "We were shooting the last day and he was leaving. He came in my dressing room and like handed me a gift. We had been hanging out, flirting, we had gone camping together. But I had a boyfriend. And he like threw this box at me and walked out of my dressing room. And I stopped his car, it was very dramatic, I was like in the headlights ... It was a Bulova watch, like a gorgeous watch. He was 17 and I was 19, and I was like 'You're too young for me.' And I walked around the car and I wasn't sure if I was going to get mad at him and I just grabbed him and started kissing him."

Wow. "You get a piece of jewelry like that and you gotta make out with the guy!" No argument here, sister, no matter what his hair looked like...

Source: Melissa Explains It All (via Life & Style)

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