Melissa Rycroft’s Daughter Gets Flowers From Daddy — Cutest Valentine Ever!
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Melissa Rycroft’s Daughter Gets Flowers From Daddy — Cutest Valentine Ever!

Say what you want about Valentine’s Day being an awful day full of consumerism and unnecessary pressures. We will. But while you’re catching your breath after all that hate fire, you might want to restore your faith in the world by watching Melissa Rycroft Strickland’s Instagram video.

In the video, Ava’s just hanging around, minding her own business like a two-year-old does, when her dad shows up with some beautiful pink and yellow roses. You know, because you have to start training Bachelor babies early on how to accept this rose… Mel captioned the too-cute video, “Her first flowers….What a great daddy!!” BRB dying!

While Melissa and husband Tye are expecting a little boy shortly, Ava is still the center of their universe for now. The darlingest gal ever to grace Bachelor Nation (watch your back, child, Riley Mesnick is gaining on you…) frequently thrills us with her sweet faces, quotes, and the times she kisses her mama’s baby bumps. But today may be an all-time high in cuteness for the gal who will turn three on Sunday, February 16.

Yesterday, Melissa posted a throwback pic to Ava’s infant days. We didn’t know it was possible, but it seems that little Ava Marie is getting more beautiful and charming every single day. Happy birthday, sweet girl!

Source: Instagram

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