Bachelorette 2013: When Does Men Tell All Film?
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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2013: When Does Men Tell All Film?

Oh, hey guys. It’s Monday and we’re waiting patiently (not) for Desiree Hartsock to choose from her hometown hotties on tonight’s episode. But while we’re squirming in our chairs, secretly and silently caressing our own cheeks with silk rose petals, the rest of Bachelor Nation is noticeably occupied otherwise.

Why you ask are the men of Desiree’s harem MIA from your life? Because they’re in LA filming the “Men Tell All” special as we speak! It’s true! Zack Kalter tweeted a picture of his Converse-clad kicks hanging in the backseat of a limo (or unmarked van), with the caption “En route to LA for #MenTellAll. Gonna be off the grid for about 24 hours. See you on the flip side #bachelorette.” Phew, good to know.

And he’s not the only hottie gut too early to hop his way over from the OC to LA. Cry-cry-crier Brandon Andreen also tweeted that he is making the short commute to the sound stage, saying “On my way to #mentellall. Pardon my reach for the pepper.” Uh, whatever that means. Is he sprinkling some in his nose cavities to make himself cry? Because we’re pretty sure all he needs to shed a tear is to talk about butterflies.

Let’s hope they were all carpooling, because the other OC babe, Kasey Stewart, also couldn’t wait to post about his sojourn back to pick at old wounds. “Headed to see my ex. #MenTellAll,” the hashtagging hashtagger hashtagged hilariously, alongside an Instagram pic of himself hopping in a black car.  

But even though the other early cuts got to hit the stage for MTA, knight in shining armor Diogo Custodio was booted on the first night and is missing out on the fun, since not everyone is invited to attend. “I wonder how are those boys behaving filming #MenTellAll today... #TheBachelorette #MTA,” Diogo tweeted. Great question.

And guess what? Our Editor is currently sitting in the stands, basking in the glow of all of Des’s exes, which we’re not at all jealous about. At all. We can’t wait to tell you her stories when she returns. If we’re lucky, she will write a poem about it.

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