Bachelorette 2014 Men Tell All Spoiler Roundup: What Can We Expect Tonight?
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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2014 Men Tell All Spoiler Roundup: What Can We Expect Tonight?

Tonight’s Bachelorette Men Tell All Special promises to be a roller coaster of emotion and awkward moments, aka, perfect television! Sixteen of Andi Dorfman’s men return to make her squirm, let Chris Harrison practice his best counselor voice, and raise our blood pressure with their hawtness — thank you, ABC, thank you. We’ve got our viewing outfit on (our comfiest, tear-stained sweats and a snuggie) and our wine opener handy, so what can we expect from tonight’s episode?

The press release for the show promises the special will be “an exciting, unpredictable reunion viewers won’t want to miss” and that “sparks fly and tempers flare when the guys confront one another and Andi about their feelings for the first time since their emotional exits.” Insert squeal of delight here.

Bachelorette 2014 Men Tell All Spoiler Roundup: What Can We Expect Tonight?
Credit: Todd Wawrychuk/ABC Television Group    

Last week producer Robert Mills tweeted that the special is going to be “one of the strangest ever,” and based on the press release, it does sound like it’s going to be a bit all over the map. Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum pay a visit to “update viewers on their exciting plans for the future,” then viewers will get a preview of ABC’s newest spin-off series, Bachelor in Paradise.

As if cameos from Bachelor Nation weren’t enough, show producers are gifting audiences with an extra special treat — revealing the results of the lie detector tests Andi’s guys took in Italy. Now we’ll know which of Andi’s men lied and who — besides Dylan Petitt — doesn’t wash their hands after using the bathroom!

Andi will also address pregnancy rumors that surfaced a few weeks ago, claiming the Dorf got knocked up by either Josh Murray or Nick Viall during their overnight Fantasy Suite dates. Awk-ward! We’re cringing for Andi already.

But what we really want to see are Andi’s men asking her why she chose to send them home, and it appears we’re gonna get what we asked for! Marquel Martin gets to put Andi in the hot seat about why she friend zoned him, and Chris Soules and Marcus Grodd also both get a turn to ask the Hotlantan why their “I love you’s” weren’t reciprocated.

There are also rumors flying that we’ll get to see a bit of man fighting, with pantsapreneur JJ O’Brien getting the short end of the mad stick from several of the other guys and Andrew Poole addressing the allegations against him that he scored digits off a waitress and made racial comments. Those convos shouldn’t be at all uncomfortable or heated...

One conversation we’re a little surprised doesn’t happen is the one we’ve kind of all been expecting about Eric Hill, the handsome contestant who passed away shortly after his time on the show ended. It seems producers will not be making any further mention of Eric or having his fellow castmates talk about their memories of him. Given everything else happening in the episode, that may be a good decision. It sounds a bit like a circus variety show right now and might not be the best forum for honoring the adventurer.

All in all, it looks like it’s gonna be a wild ride as Andi is reunited with her former flames — let’s hope the Hotlantan makes it through without getting burned!

What are you most excited to see tonight? Tell us in the comments.

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