Bachelorette 2014: Men Tell All Special Will Reveal Lie Detector Results From Italy!
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Bachelorette 2014: Men Tell All Special Will Reveal Lie Detector Results From Italy!

Do you ever wonder if Andi Dorfman regrets tearing up the results to the lie detector tests her men took in Italy? (How could she not, right?) Well, if she does, she can regret that decision no more! ABC sent a production assistant dumpster diving with the some scotch tape and low self esteem, and the torn up tests have now been patched back together. See, sometimes life is fair.

What’s even better is that the results of the tests will be revealed at the Men Tell All special airing July 21. In his Entertainment Weekly blog Chris Harrison writes, “remember those lie detector results that Andi tore up in Italy? We will be revealing those answers, too! Truly, it’s an incredible Bachelor episode unlike anything you have ever seen before on our show!” Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

If you’ll remember, the test administrator determined that three of the men on the most romantic group date ever told no lies, one man told two lies, and two men told three lies. Andi herself lied twice, but one of her lies was saying that yes, Italy is her favorite country. Maybe it’s actually the Dominican Republic now that she’s had her two overnight dates there with Nick Viall and Josh Murray...

So who lied and what did they lie about? And the biggest question of all… was finalist Josh one of the liar-liar pants on fire? Guess we’ll have to wait until Monday to find out!

The Bachelorette “Men Tell All” special airs Monday, July 21 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly