The Bachelorette Men Tell All Special Tapes This Sunday — What Should We Expect?
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The Bachelorette Men Tell All Special Tapes This Sunday — What Should We Expect?

What the what? How is time flying so fast that Andi Dorfman’s gaggle of men is down to a trio, she’s already met some fams, and the remaining three men are heading off to Fantasy Suite land? We’d like our time machine back, ABC. We’re so far along in the season that the Men Tell All special is taping this Sunday. So what kind of crowd will Andi face when she reunites with 22 of her scorned men?

It’s kind of anyone’s guess. So far Andi’s season has been pretty drama free, with most of the men parting ways with the Hotlantan pretty amicably. In fact, we imagine Andrew Poole will take more of a beating than the Bachelorette herself, coming under fire for rumors he got a waitress’s digits while filming and his rumored racist comments about contestants Ron Worrell and Marquel Martin (aw, Marquel! Won’t it be great to see his face again?).

Aside from Nick Viall, none of the other guys in the house seemed to have a problem with each other. If Nick is in attendance at the taping (he likely won’t be if he’s one of the final two), we’re sure he’ll take some guff for his #frontrunner comments and strategizing. But since filming of the season has wrapped, he appears to have made up with most of his former castmates, meaning even that potential razzing would be #lame.

As for guys attacking Andi for not having mutually strong feelsies for them, there are just a handful we can see mentioning it, but we can’t really imagine any of these gents making a big stink. Brian Osborne recently made comments that he thought if he’d made it to Hometown Dates that his relationship with Andi would have blossomed like a beautiful rose. All she needs to say to that, however, is “frog legs” to shut that whole thing down.

Another possibility for a “confrontation” may lie with Patrick Jagodzinski, who seemed genuinely confused as to why he was let go in Episode 5. “The problem that occurred was she didn’t get to fully experience me,” he said in his exit interview. “It’s unfortunate, it truly is. Because I’ve heard from multiple people, not just girls, that I have qualities that are paramount when it comes to being a husband. She missed out on that.” We feel ya Pat, but since they never even kissed, Andi can just stahp that one in its tracks.

Marcus Grodd also exhibited some pretty heavy unrequited lovesies for Andi, but since rumors abound that he’s already moved on by getting himself engaged, we’re betting that reunion won’t yield any drama either (unless his fianceé attends the taping and throws her stiletto at Andi for kissing her man).

So who’s left to create a ruckus? It appears we have to count on Craig Muhlbauer bringing the entertainment for the evening. Hopefully producers keep the mini bar stocked with all his faves, a guitar on standby, and ear plugs for the audience.

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