Are Mercedes Jones and Sam Evans a Good Couple?
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Are Mercedes Jones and Sam Evans a Good Couple?

There have been tons of relationships during the five seasons we’ve seen of Glee, but perhaps the most confusing has been the summer fling of Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley) and Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet). Do you even remember these two getting together? It randomly happened a few seasons ago, was mentioned a few times, and then basically disappeared.

But now that the two are cohabiting the same apartment in Harlem, things are sure to heat up once more — even though Mercedes is playing hard to get. But do you support this pair?

Wetpaint Entertainment asked Viggle LIVE! users that exact question during the April 1 episode of GleeSeason 5, Episode 14 (“New New York”) and the results are in.

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The majority of voters — 61 percent, to be exact — think that Mercedes and Sam should totally be together, while 39 percent still think that the pairing makes little to no sense. We can see where both sides are coming from, so let us break down how we feel.

Now that we’ve gotten rid of all the newbies on Glee, we’re left with the majority of the OG characters and not very many toxic relationships. We think that since Mercedes has her life figured out and is rather successful, she could be a good influence on Trouty Mouth since his modeling career still isn’t taking off. They didn’t make much sense a few seasons ago, but now we think they have something to offer.

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