Grey’s Anatomy: Will Meredith and Cristina Make Amends? Should They Even Try?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: Will Meredith and Cristina Make Amends? Should They Even Try?

Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) aren't simply ex-friends on Grey's Anatomy— it seems like they're turning into full-fledged nemeses. (See: last week's promo, in which Cristina tells Mer to "go to hell.")

But with the clock ticking on Sandra's tenure on the show, do Shonda Rhimes & Co. have time to write a reconciliation before Cristina rides off into the metaphorical sunset?

That's the question a reader posed to TV Guide critic Matt Roush, who responded: "My hope is that Sandra Oh's departure as Cristina will be on a triumphant, not tragic, note. And that would entail coming to terms with Meredith and healing the current rift, and also reaching an emotional reckoning with Owen [Kevin McKidd] while she's at it. All of which can and hopefully will be accomplished, unless Shonda Rhimes and her team have something else in store."

We love these docs as best friends, but we have to admit that them going for each other's throats has made for great TV — so we feel conflicted. And while we feel pretty certain that Mer and Cristina will come to terms before the latter leaves the hospital, Grey's has long ago disabused us of the notion that everyone gets a happy ending.

For what it's worth, we asked you a month ago whether the feud between these two erstwhile "persons" was a good thing for the show, and as today, December 9, only 26% of you thought that it was. That means 74% of you believe the show better get them back to bestie-hood, stat!

Do you believe these two sniping surgeons will hug it out in the end? Or will their friendship never recover? Let us know below!

Source: TV Guide

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