Meryl Davis Was Throwing Up From Food Poisoning Before Perfect DWTS Finals Dances?!
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Meryl Davis Was Throwing Up From Food Poisoning Before Perfect DWTS Finals Dances?!

Meryl Davis deserves another award — beyond her Olympic gold medal and possibly the Dancing With the Stars Season 18 Mirror Ball trophy. They should call it something like Most Stoic or Best Sport, just for how much she's quietly gone through this season without complaint.

You may know that she spent DWTS Season 18 pulling double duty, dancing gorgeous routines with Maksim Chmerkovskiy while also touring the country with fellow ice dancer Charlie White for Stars on Ice. Charlie just missed the Finals, but Meryl had to travel this past week for the tour, and you can see in Good Morning America’s behind-the-scenes footage that Maks actually rehearsed with another dancer while Meryl was out of town.

But not only did Meryl have to balance travel and skating with two-dance Finals prep, Maks told Glamour that poor Meryl was throwing up Monday morning due to a bad case of food poisoning. But she still planned to dance — and we never heard peep about it on the show. "She's amazing," Maks said. "She has two broken toes [from this show] and yet she was never injured as an Olympian!"

That’s DWTS for ya! Everything is pedal-to-the-metal. But it’s just impressive to think of how much Meryl has had to deal with — including injuries, Stars on Ice, and food poisoning — and she and Maks went on to have the only perfect score of last night’s Finals. She’s also Maks’s resident therapist/lion-tamer, and the only one who could get him to this point. That girl is a true pro.

Do you think tonight is M&M’s night? Will take home the trophy?

The DWTS Season 18 Finale airs Tuesday, May 20 from 9 to 11 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: Glamour