Hot Mess of the Week: Clare Crawley Threw Up in Her Mouth, So…
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The Bachelor

Hot Mess of the Week: Clare Crawley Threw Up in Her Mouth, So…

This week on The Bachelor, Clare Crawley informed Juan Pablo Galavis that she had thrown up in her mouth and then eaten it. It was a moment so sexy, so irresistible, that Juan Pablo had no choice but to break his "no kissing" rule and lean in for a makeout session with her recently vommed-on tongue.

But let's backtrack a moment and revisit Clare's behavior during the beginning of this week's Bachelor episode, when she found out that she was taking a cross-continental trip to Korea. Her response? "Korea?! I don't even have a kimono!"

Sigh, bless her heart. Kimonos are from Japan, Clare, an entirely different country than Korea.

Anyway, this tragically confused soul was obviously thrilled to be in the magical land of Asia, but she had a difficult time ingesting food other than wine and air. In fact, Clare ended up vomiting in her mouth and swallowing it during the fated moment in which she was forced to eat some octopus. We would normally be disgusted, but frankly we're just happy this svelte beauty ate something — even if it was her own stomach juices mixed with fish.

Unfortunately, Clare's hot messiness didn't stop at making out with Juan Pablo shortly after regurgitating a bunch of tentacles (she's like the mother bird to his baby chicklet, to be honest). She also ended up cultivating a group of haters during the Korean Kraze group date thanks to her attention-seeking antics. Seriously, the girl could even let Juan Pablo enjoy having his feet nibbled on by a bunch of carnivorous fish without saddling up to him and stealing his attention away from the other ladies.

With any luck, Clare will go back to her former flawless self (spoiler alert: nope) when The Bachelor relocates to Vietnam. Until then, we will proceed to make gifs of the faces she made while eating octopus.