RHOM Stars’ Plastic Surgery Horror Stories: Whose Boob Popped?
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Real Housewives of Miami

RHOM Stars’ Plastic Surgery Horror Stories: Whose Boob Popped?

It's no secret that the Real Housewives of Miami stars have had, well... more than a little work done. But you'll be shocked to find out how many regretted their procedures or had to get repeat surgeries done!

In a new video from Bravo, the ladies dish on what they've had done and what they wish they could take back.

Joanna Krupa admits she got a boob job when she was much younger, but people told her they were too big for her on-the-rise modeling career. "In high school, Pamela Anderson was my idol, so I had my boobs done," she says. "That was my biggest regret," which led to her getting smaller silicone implants put in.

RHOM Stars’ Plastic Surgery Horror Stories: Whose Boob Popped?
Credit: Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Alexia Echevarria regrets letting a plastic surgeon whom she was seeing at the time convince her to get a nose job 20 years ago. "He's like, 'Oh your nose is just a little bit fat on the sides, so if you would let me, I would just tweak it a little bit and make it a little bit thinner,'" she explains.

Sadly, her nose got thinner as she aged, with son Frankie once telling her, "Mom, you have a Michael Jackson nose.'" So she got fillers to bulk it up and now says, "I'm super happy with it."

And while Adriana De Moura and Lisa Hochstein are both happy with how their boob jobs went, Marysol Patton's did not go well. "There wasn’t one surgery — there were six!" Marysol says. "Unfortunately, I had really big breasts in a time where big breasts weren’t popular." When she got breast-reduction surgery, she was left with "massive scars," and then "they grew back!" Yikes.

Marysol's drama didn't end there. A later surgery left her so flat that she then needed implants, but one implant shockingly shifted over all the way to her shoulder! Yes, her shoulder. And after yet another surgery, she reveals: "Then, one popped!"

Given all these issues, it's a minor miracle that the ladies look as gorgeous as they do!

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