Michael Garofola Calls Out Fellow Contestant: “He’s B.S.”
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The Bachelorette

Michael Garofola Calls Out Fellow Contestant: “He’s B.S.”

Mike Garofola's mellow is being majorly harshed by a certain someone in Desiree Hartsock's whack pack of Bachelorette brosefs. In fact, he recently took it to Twitter and declared that one of his fellow contestants is full of B.S. — and then deleted said tweet! Michael wouldn't go into specifics, but he did give fans a hint... apparently the mystery man in question has two first names. Let the sleuthing begin!

There are only five men in Desiree's man pool that fit the bill. The contenders? Kasey Stewart, Nick Roy, Robert "Bobby" Graham, Will Reese, and Ben Scott.

Michael Garofola Calls Out Fellow Contestant: “He’s B.S.”
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Considering that Nick Roy is a perfect human being (sorry, perfect magical human being) and the fact that he was eliminated during The Bachelorette's premiere, we're going to give him a pass. The same goes for Bobby and Will, who were eliminated during Episode 2, which leaves Ben Scott and Kasey Stewart. And no surprise to anyone who watched the June 3 episode, but we're putting our money on Ben.

Sure, Kasey's fetish for hashtags might earn him a few enemies this season, but Michael Garofola has made his feelings for Ben Scott more than clear — and Ben's initials are "B.S.!" From what we can tell, Michael doesn't appreciate that Ben keeps stealing time from other contestants, and these two will have yet another face-off during a two-on-one date with Des in Germany. Let the drama begin!

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