Will Michael Garofola Skip the Drama at Men Tell All? Exclusive
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The Bachelorette

Will Michael Garofola Skip the Drama at Men Tell All? Exclusive

On Season 9 Episode 5 of The Bachelorette, Miami-based attorney Michael Garofola gave Ben Scott the verbal strip down of a lifetime. While the men could not have been less excited to go on a 2-on-1 date with one another, the sparring between the two made Desiree Hartsock noticeably uncomfortable.

While Mike made it clear his intentions were to reveal Ben’s true colors to Des, viewers seem to think he wasn’t such a prince himself. In response to Twitter attacks from #TeamBen fans, Michael tweeted (and deleted) a post saying “Apparently everyone was up making popcorn during Ben’s limo exit,” referring to Ben’s less than graceful departure.

In the exit, Ben spouted off about how he would’ve been the perfect Bachelor, he was going to go straight to a bar and get drunk, and how he couldn’t wait to hook up with some other girl. In short, it was classy to the max. And while Des said in her blog that Michael “had [her] back no matter what,” fan responses have been a mixed bag.

Will Michael Garofola Skip the Drama at Men Tell All? Exclusive
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As the contestants prepare for “Men Tell All” filming this summer (to air July 29), we were concerned Michael might’ve had enough of the drama, and wouldn’t show up in his white hat to keep things above board.

“Michael is a confrontational type,” a source close to production tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “He doesn’t shy away from it and he’s not apologetic about what happened with Ben. Someone needed to do it, and he was the one Des picked for the date. It was his last chance to do something. And you saw on the episode that when Ben went home, the guys were stoked. They celebrated. It wasn’t just Michael who was feeling and saying these things about Ben.”

Agreed, but does that mean he’ll continue the good fight at “Men Tell All,” or has he rested his case? “There is a chance Michael won’t come to the taping,” the source continues. “But it’s not because he doesn’t want to face Ben or anything like that. I’m pretty sure he really wants to be there, and that all the guys do.”

Wait, all the guys? Does that mean OWRH (Original Wrong Reason-Haver) Brian Jarosinski will be there too? What about Ben Scott? We’re not counting on it, but we’re definitely hoping that Michael will be there to put anyone who needs putting, in his place.

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