Is Michael Garofola Moving Closer to New Girlfriend AshLee Frazier?
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Is Michael Garofola Moving Closer to New Girlfriend AshLee Frazier?

It’s only been a few days since The Bachelor Season 17’s AshLee Frazier and The Bachelorette Season 9’s Michael Garofola confirmed that they’re dating. But while we couldn’t imagine any two alumni better suited for one another, we’ve had one little tugging question on our minds: Can they make long distance work? But that all may be just a memory soon, if Michael’s recent Instagram post is anything to consider.

AshLee is a Katy, Texas native currently living in Houston. She has two local businesses, though both are theoretically relocatable. She is a personal organizer, and she runs an online store called Love It! Store, which sells high-end fashion goods often from the clients whose homes she helps tidy up. In fact, it was a friend of AshLee’s who actually introduced the two reality stars, despite their shared Bachelor Nation background.

Meanwhile, Michael is an Assistant US District Attorney in Miami, Florida. Though he’s been working as a lawyer in the Sunshine State, he’s originally from New York City. On October 17, he got us thinking that Texas may be his next home state when he posted “Is the sun setting on my time in #Miami?#ThreeYearAnniversary” alongside a picture of... a sunset.

Michael told Wetpaint Entertainment that the couple first met in New York while on parallel trips to the big city. Since then, Michael has been in Houston multiple times to celebrate capital L’s birthday and calendar release, among other events. Last week, Ash hit up Miami to visit Michael, and it looked like a beachy keen time. Though they’ve only been hanging out for a little over a month, who knows what the future holds for these two.

So, what does G’s post mean? Maybe nothing. Fifth-place finisher Michael has a tendency to post things that get our minds all busy-bodying, so maybe he’s just messing with us? We hope not, because with their similar ages, levels of ambition, groundedness, and need to find love, we could be looking at the next Bachelor Nation success story. First step? Seeing each other more than a couple times a month...

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