True Blood’s Michael McMillian Reveals Story Behind Steve Newlin’s Last Words
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True Blood’s Michael McMillian Reveals Story Behind Steve Newlin’s Last Words

We’re a little sad that Steve Newlin was the latest character to bite the dust on True Blood because we sure loved to hate the fanatical ex-preacher turned gay vampire and we’ll really miss his winning smile and smarmy ways.

Following his character’s demise on the August 11 episode, “Life Matters,” actor Michael McMillian talked to Vulture about Steve’s story arc on Season 6 of the HBO show, including the history behind his hilarious last words.

Newlin declared his love for Jason Stackhouse while gazing up at ex-wife Sarah just before he disintegrated into a fiery ball of vampire goo, and Michael told the magazine that in addition to that being “Steve's final proclamation for his one true love,” it was also “a giant fk you to his ex-wife.”

McMillian also said that when he found out he and Ryan Kwanten weren’t going to have anymore scenes together before his character died, he told showrunner Brian Buckner, "... I want my final words to be, 'I love you, Jason Stackhouse.'" And Buckner happily obliged by writing that exact phrase into the script.

But ultimately, Michael wasn’t surprised by his character’s death, explaining, “Steve was really digging himself into a hole this season. If you think about it, Luna died because Steve and Russell kidnapped Emma. Pam was outed as Eric's progeny because of him. Nora dies because of him. And he just wasn't going to make it through. But Steve really dies at the hands of both Eric and Sarah.”

We agree! He kinda had it coming …

What about Steve’s and Sarah’s history? McMillian noted that there was still some kind of connection between Newlin and his fiery, big-haired ex, “Anna Camp and I used to talk about it, and we still do. We think that they still had a bit of a kinky sex life there for a while. I think there was probably some intense dom/sub play going on in the bedroom. I think Sarah was willing to perform certain acts for Steve to keep her husband happy.” Whoa there, Michael! That’s maybe a little TMI.

And don’t worry, fans! Even though Steve Newlin no longer exists on the television show, McMillian says he’ll live on in other mediums. The multi-talented actor writes True Blood comics and has a few ideas about Newlin appearing in them. Plus, he co-wrote a book with associate producer Gianna Sobol called Steve Newlin's Field Guide to Vampires (and Other Creatures of Satan), coming out this fall.

Will you miss Steve Newlin on True Blood? Or are you glad he’s gone? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Vulture

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