Michael Stagliano’s Really Super Dating Advice for Dudes
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Michael Stagliano’s Really Super Dating Advice for Dudes

Michael Stagliano could have had his own dating show. Oh wait, he kind of did. It’s called Bachelor Pad, and although it’s canceled, that’s probably a good thing since he’s engaged now, and it wouldn’t be the same without his baller game. And since we don’t have that to look forward to, we’re happy to see him spilling his dating advice for dudes in Eligible Magazine.

Are you ready for this? Michael’s first piece of advice might sound pretty tough, but we have faith: shower. Yep, that’s it. Well, shower, deodorant, and cologne. Which is funny, because we’ve always imagined that Stags wafts the scent of aftershave everywhere he walks. But before you go coating yourself in all the things, El Stagliano warns guys: “Don’t over do it… please… 1-2 sprays of cologne is plenty.” Amen, brotha friend.

Also on the table? Open doors and be on time. Way to really set the bar high, Mikey.

But just in case those three truly well thought out tidbits aren’t enough for you, he also cautions guys what not to do. For example, don’t fight to pay the bill if the girl wants to go Dutch, don’t talk about yourself too much, and don’t leave a good date without kissing the girl.

Let’s rehash: don’t smell like sh*t and don’t not do things right. Follow his advice and we have no doubt you’ll be engaged in no time.

In the next installment: play guitar and be sensitive. For advanced users only.

Source: Eligible Magazine