Michelle Fairley Scores Yet Another Role That Is Not Lady Stoneheart
Michelle Fairley
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Game of Thrones

Michelle Fairley Scores Yet Another Role That Is Not Lady Stoneheart


Michelle Fairley has been cast as Henry Tudor’s mother in Starz's White Queen follow up, which is great news for her and probably less great news for people clinging to the hope of seeing Lady Stoneheart on Game of Thrones.

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That MIA book character is otherwise known as a vengeful, resurrected Cat Stark.

Fans have been expecting to see the memorable character since the end of Season 3, and while it's pretty clear she's been cut from the show, some — including us, we'll admit — can't quite give up hope she could make a surprise appearance.

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While we're sitting here wishing for something that's not to be, Michelle is off continuing her career, and each new part she takes on just seems like further proof Lady Stoneheart is never, ever coming.

Still, we're pretty excited to see her in her latest role. As Variety reports, the 53-year-old will play Margaret Beaufort in The White Princess, a Starz mini-series that chronicles the War of the Roses from the perspective of its women.

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This casting is especially great because the War of Roses is the real-life series of wars that inspired Game of Thrones in the first place. So this is almost as good as having her back on the HBO fantasy epic.


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