Michelle Money and Cody Sattler\'s Romance — A Relationship Timeline
Michelle Money and Cody Sattler’s Romance — A Relationship Timeline
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Bachelor in Paradise

Michelle Money and Cody Sattler’s Romance — A Relationship Timeline


Cody Sattler and Michelle Money didn't find love during their respective stints on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor — but they found something even better during Bachelor In Paradise: free alcohol and ever-lasting summer lovin! This unlikely yet adorable couple were locked at the lips from the moment Chris Harrison struck them with cupid's arrow, and we really thought they had the staying power to go all the way.

Sadly, they abruptly announced their break up after six months of being schmoopy in love and have now gone their respective ways. Is it possible love is dead?

We’re getting ourselves through this trying time by taking a glance back on when all was right with the world, aka when M-squared and C.Satts were still making beautiful music together.

So let's take a look back at their six-month relationship and dream of better days....

Michelle Money and Cody Sattler’s Romance — A Relationship Timeline
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Bachelor in Paradise Episode 4 (June 2014): Cody and Michelle Meet

Cody (and his abs) showed up in Paradise and initially made eyes at Clare Crawley, only to be shot down. Luckily, he swiftly decided that he was, in fact, obsessed with Michelle, telling her, "I think you and I have a better connection than I would with Clare." Romantic stuff! Naturally they made out, and a relationship was born.

BiP Episode 5 (another time in June 2014): Cody and Michelle Have Their First Date

Ahhh, the fated day of Cody and Michelle's first date, a magical moment where they dressed as a bride and groom and frolicked in the sand. Why? Because Chris Harrison is a brilliant mastermind when it comes to manipulating emotions. Also, Cody and Michelle's wedding-themed photoshoot was a sign of things to come… oh, wait. ALSO, Cody painted Michelle's toenails in this episode. That is all.

BiP Episode 6 (OMG it's still June 2014): Cody and Michelle Fall in Love

Michelle dropped the bomb that Cody declared his undying love for her before Episode 5's rose ceremony, and while she was initially like, "JUST LEAVE ME HERE TO DIE, PRODUCERS," she eventually decided that Cody was hot enough to keep around.

Michelle Money and Cody Sattler’s Romance — A Relationship Timeline
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BiP Episode 7 (dear God, when will June 2014 end?): Cody and Michelle Do the Deed

Despite Michelle being worried about Cody's intensity, she had faith in both his muscles and their relationship and decided to spend the night in a Fantasy Suite with him. And yes, they definitely had sex, because Michelle wouldn't stop talking about his man parts. Her exact words: "After the time that I got to spend with Cody last night, I am really sore. And very satisfied." So yeah, it's no wonder that these two skipped off into the sunset together.

September 16, 2014: Cody and Michelle Start Wedding Planning

Cody and Michelle may have never gotten engaged, they most definitely talked about getting married — and on television, no less! Too bad Chris Harrison doesn’t get to unearth those officiant robes to perform another wedding.

Michelle Money and Cody Sattler’s Romance — A Relationship Timeline
Credit: Michelle on Instagram    

September 18, 2014: Cody Moves to Michelle's Hometown of Salt Lake City

Cody packed his bags, flexed his muscles, and moved from Chicago all the way to Salt Lake City just to be closer to Michelle and her daughter, Brielle! You're welcome Utah — for a few brief months, your state got like 100 percent better looking.

October 2, 2014: Cody and Michelle Talk Babies

Despite our deep belief that a Cody and Michelle baby would be perfect, Michelle didn’t get pregnant. A fact that she confirmed via social media — where else?

November 2, 2014: Michelle Recruits Bachelor Nation For Cody’s Birthday

Michelle professed her deepest love and adoration for her muscled man on his 29th birthday by recruiting Bachelor Nation buddies to make a happy birthday video for the personal trainer. The time and effort she put into it, along with the loving message she started it off with, further cemented our belief that they would be together for another 29 birthdays — and more.

December 17, 2014: Cody and Michelle Break Up

After disappearing from each other’s social media for a few weeks, Cody announces he and Michelle have split. What the what? No explanation offered, just well wishes to Michelle and thanks to the fans for being supportive throughout the six months of love. Michelle followed with her own, similarly vague announcement that also bid adieu to Cody with nothing but love. Classy as all get out, but we want some details guys!

What was your favorite Cody and Michele moment? Tell us in the comments.