Michelle Money Breaks Her Silence on the Cody Sattler Breakup
Michelle Money Breaks Her Silence on the Cody Sattler Breakup
Credit: Cody on Instagram    

Bachelor in Paradise

Michelle Money Breaks Her Silence on the Cody Sattler Breakup


Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds Michelle Money and Cody Sattler have broken up, which means our souls are collectively shrinking with the sads. Someone please find us the name of a heart doctor because, seriously guys, if those two crazy kids can’t make it then we’re afraid love is dead.

Michelle Money Breaks Her Silence on the Cody Sattler Breakup
Credit: Michelle on Facebook    

Rumors have been swirling for a few weeks now that team Codelle may have gone the way of equally schmoopy celeb couples before them (Spederline and TomKat anyone?), as their usually full of love and s/he’s my soulmate social media posts have been on hiatus since late November. But we dared not believe it, even writing just yesterday that the rumors had to be false because these two were too in love to let anything come between them. Four hours after our post, Cody confirmed the split on social media.

Around the same time, Michelle posted a cute pic of the couple exes on Facebook with the caption, “After 6 months of dating, Cody and I have decided that we are going to move on from our relationship. I feel very blessed and fortunate to have shared such beautiful memories with such an incredible guy.” The 33-year-old went on to write, “This decision has been a very difficult one to make, to say the least. Especially with all the amazing love and support we have felt from so many fans! I personally want to thank each of you for the encouragement you have given me as a single mom trying to make the right decisions for my daughter and myself.”

Cody and Michelle must have coordinated their attacks on our belief in love, because he posted the same photo with a similarly positive caption, writing, “I have experienced some of the best days of my life these past 6 months! I was blessed to have met and date an amazing woman and her daughter, who have made me a better person in all areas of my life. Unfortunately Michelle and I have decided it was in the best interest for both of us to move on from our relationship. Michelle and Brielle will always hold a special spot in my heart and I wish all the best for them.”

Both accounts were instantly flooded with questions from fans about what went wrong. But it looks like, at least for now, both parties are going to avoid finger pointing or getting too detailed about how their love went from hyper drive to a slow fizzle in less than a month.

Of course, the big question now is if Cody is going to stay in Salt Lake City, where he moved to be with Michelle, or if he’ll head back to Chicago to try and get his personal training business back on track there.

Whatever happens, we wish them both the best! Now we’re going to go buy another super-sized box of tissues to get us through the day.

Are you surprised they ended it or did you see this coming? Tell us below.

Source: Michelle on Facebook, Cody on Facebook