Michelle Money and Graham Bunn: A Relationship Timeline
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Bachelor in Paradise

Michelle Money and Graham Bunn: A Relationship Timeline

One a cuteness scale of 1-10, Michelle Money and Graham Bunn are about an 11. This dynamic duo are currently lighting up the small screen on the completely insane / terrifying social experiment that is Bachelor In Paradise (you've done it again, Chris Harrison, you evil genius you!), and the time has come to take a look back at their relationship. Anyone who watches BiP knows that Graham and Michelle care a lot about each other, but let's dig a little deeper into the the unsinkable 'ship that is MoneyBunns, shall we?

Bachelor Pad 2: Where It All Began

Michelle Money and Graham Bunn: A Relationship Timeline
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Michelle and Graham met and fell in love on Bachelor Pad 2, Chris Harrison's first foray into post-Bachelor insanity. These two had an absolutely adorable relationship while filming the show (they were the runners-up!), and Michelle knew from the moment she laid eyes on Graham that he was BF material. "Right when he walked in the door ... I was like, 'Okay, this is going to be a really fun experience,' " she told People at the time. "He's got these eyes that just kill you right when you see him. It's like, 'Okay, I'm done!'"

Meanwhile, Graham said that he was drawn to Michelle's laid-back attitude. "The cool thing about Michelle is we could've been sitting in the movies with some Cracker Jacks or whatever," he told TV Guide while BP2 was on the air. "She's just really chill and cool. Anybody would be lucky to date her." Adorable, we know — but what happened once the cameras stopped rolling? After all, Michelle and her daughter, Brielle, lived in Utah, while Graham lived in New York City. Did these two make it work long distance?

Post-Bachelor Pad: The Beginning of the End

Michelle Money and Graham Bunn: A Relationship Timeline
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MoneyBunns kept their relationship going strong for a few months post-Bachelor Pad 2, and for a while it seemed like they'd go the distance. "Graham and I talk multiple times a day," Michelle told People. " We don't live close to each other by any stretch of the imagination, so we knew that it was kind of like, 'We'll see what happens.' And since then, we have definitely grown closer."

Sadly, Michelle and Graham's relationship fell apart thanks to a few thousand miles. First, these two moved from being in an exclusive relationship to being friends with bennies. "Graham and I are not exclusive, but there is no one else I'd want to date," she said in 2011. "But we're at this place where we're not putting pressure on each other to make [the relationship] more than it realistically is." One year later, Graham and Michelle pushed the pause button on their hookups, and decided to just be friends. "We have developed an incredible friendship that will always be there," Michelle said in a Q&A. "But that is really all it is. An amazing friendship, and one that I cherish very deeply and hope to have forever!"

Bachelor in Paradise: Did Graham and Michelle Hook Up?

Michelle Money and Graham Bunn: A Relationship Timeline
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Fans of Bachelor in Paradise (read: literally everyone, because the entire world is fangirling) are witnessing just how close Graham and Michelle's friendship is, but the question on everyone's mind is whether or not they hooked up while filming. Unfortunately, the answer is no. We've already seen Graham form a relationship with AshLee Frazier, while Michelle's been linked to Marquel Martin. But if that's not proof enough, Reality Steve confirms that "They didn’t hook up on BiP." Sob. Why, MoneyBunns, WHY?!

Present Day: Are Graham and Michelle Still Just Friends?

Michelle Money and Graham Bunn: A Relationship Timeline
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Michelle and Graham didn't hook up on Bachelor in Paradise, and they certainly aren't hooking up now — which could have something to do with the fact that Michelle found love with a different hunk on the show. In the mood to be spoiled? Click here to find out who Michelle's new man is! We'll just stay over here mourning the loss of MoneyBunns, no bigs.