The Michelle Money and Marquel Martin Breakup You Never Saw! (VIDEO)
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Bachelor in Paradise

The Michelle Money and Marquel Martin Breakup You Never Saw! (VIDEO)

When Marquel Martin first saw Michelle Money on Bachelor in Paradise, he said she was a beauty on “a whole different level” from other women. So why, after being “coupled” with the gorg gal for two weeks, was he so willing to send M-squared packing from Paradise by handing his flower to Jackie Parr instead?

The Cookie Monster turned a few viewers off by being willing to move on to Danielle Ronco and Jackie without batting an eye in Michelle’s direction, but according to a deleted scene, it seems the “breakup” was pretty mutual. When Marquel returned from his pool date with Danielle, Michelle pulled him aside to break the news she was falling for Robert Graham and wanted to move on from her slow-starting romance with Marquel.

Prints Charming seemed a bit pouty when Michelle told him, saying “I’m not happy about it” and “it kinda sucks,” but judging from how big his eyes got when Jackie strolled up, we’re sure he got over it pretty quickly.

Earlier in Episode 3, Michelle admitted she hadn’t kissed anyone in Paradise yet, meaning that despite hanging for two weeks, the duo still hadn’t puckered up. Marquel was pretty swift to kiss Jackie on their first date, so it seems Marquel and Michelle’s “relationship” probably developed out of lack of other options, rather than out of any true romance.

Watch Michelle break the news to Marquel that they’re over in the video below, then tell us in the comments how well you think they both handled the situation:

Source: ABC

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