Michelle Money Calls Out Marquel Martin, Posts “Drunk” Photo on Twitter
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Bachelor in Paradise

Michelle Money Calls Out Marquel Martin, Posts “Drunk” Photo on Twitter

One thing we love most about Bachelor Nation is that it welcomes all types: the drama queens, the bad boys, the morally bankrupt, the free spirits, the sportos, the dweebs (not really), and the boozehounds. We love them all equally, but the type we could do without is the Judge Judy — we’re looking at you, Marquel Martin. We still love your cookies but, stahp — let Michelle Money get her drink on! Single moms don’t get vacay, like ever — so zip it and let her sip it.

Michelle Money Calls Out Marquel Martin, Posts “Drunk” Photo on Twitter
Credit: Michelle M on Twitter    

In case you have no idea what we’re talking about, here’s the dish: on last night’s Episode 2 of Bachelor in Paradise, aka the best thing we’ve ever seen on television, Marquel told Michelle he was unsure of their relationship because she “likes to drink.” Cue us flinging our martini at the television screen.

M-squared, who has been one of the most sober-appearing people on the show, proved she’s way classier than us by still gifting Marquel her rose — we would have dumped the glass of wine he was drinking at that moment on his head and moved on to Robert Graham. But she did get back at him while the show aired by tweeting a less-than flattering pic of Marquel, um, cozying up to one of the producers. She captioned it “Pretty sure Marquel is drunk here. Just sayin.” Well played, Michelle. Slow clap.

While Michelle bequeathed Marquel with her flower despite his drunk shaming, the convo doesn’t bode well for the couple’s future in Paradise because, really, what else is there to do on the beach all day but sip pina coladas off each other’s bikini bodies?

So can M4 (that’s M-squared + M-squared) work it out? Or will Marquel hit the road if Michelle keeps hitting the bottle? Spoil yourself with their couple’s horoscope here.

What do you think of Michelle’s response to Marquel? Spot on or too far? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Michelle on Twitter

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