Bachelor in Paradise: Michelle Money Warns Graham About AshLee! (VIDEO)
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise: Michelle Money Warns Graham About AshLee! (VIDEO)

We sure are glad we aren’t on Michelle Money’s bad side (at least we don’t think we are). Girlfriend is a force to be reckoned with when she wants to be, and in tonight’s August 25 episode of Bachelor in Paradise, she wants to be. Oh, she wants to be.

The promo for Episode 4 shows a very determined Michelle intervening to make sure BFF and ex, Graham Bunn, doesn’t make the mistake of a lifetime. What mistake would that be, you ask? Accepting AshLee Frazier’s rose, of course. This leads us to ask, where the heck was Michelle when we accepted a prom invite from that guy with the overbite? Could have used some intervention then, Michelle...

While Graham has been perfectly fine (sort of) canoodling with AshLee up to this point, Michelle says enough’s enough. Apparently, Ash tried to break up Zack Kalter and Clare Crawley by cuddling up in a hammock with Zack, while simultaneously throwing major shade at his lady “love,” Clare. C-squared found out, the ladies threw down, and Michelle thinks Graham needs to know about the spat because AshLee showed her true colors and they were not sparkly or rainbow colored. (Elise Mosca would be so disappointed.)

So will Michelle be successful in turning Graham’s rose-colored gaze away from Ash? Watch the promo below then tell us what you think about it in the comments:

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