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Who Are Michonne’s Pets? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered

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Did Steven Yeun Play Shortround in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?

Who Are Michonne’s Pets? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered
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No. Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee) was born in late 1983, so he was barely even conceived when Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom shooting started earlier that same year. It was released in May of 1984, while Steven was still a baby — and he didn't even start acting until he was already in college.

Shortround was played by Vietnamese actor Jonathan Ke Quan, who also played Data in The Goonies. The actors actually don't have a whole lot in common, other than both being of Asian descent.

Did Norman Reedus Go to College?

Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) attended Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas in 1988 — but it's unclear whether he completed more than that first semester. Look at that adorable yearbook pic, though!

Who Are Michonne’s Pets? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered
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Who Are Michonne's Pets?

Who Are Michonne’s Pets? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered

When first introduced to Michonne (Danai Gurira) in the Season 2 finale, she had an especially badass accessory: a pair of "pet" walkers, armless and jawless, on chain leashes. In the TV series, it's never revealed who Michonne's pets were before they were zombies. But the Michonne Special comic, published in March 2012 — the same month Michonne debuted on the TV series — gives us some extra details.

[WARNING: Comic book spoilers ahead!]

In the comic, which was published in Playboy, Robert Kirkman reveals that one of the pets was Michonne's own boyfriend. Yes, the one that she told Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) that she talks to sometimes, even though he's dead. The other was her boyfriend's best friend, Terry.

This adds a whole new layer of gravity to the scene where Milton Mamet asked Michonne about her pets — and the later one, when Michonne told Andrea that they meant nothing to her. They clearly mean something, decaying corpse or not.

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