Mickey Rooney’s Will Leaves His $18K Estate to His Stepson (VIDEO)
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Mickey Rooney’s Will Leaves His $18K Estate to His Stepson (VIDEO)

The world may have lost legendary actor Mickey Rooney earlier this week, but for his family, the battle is just beginning. Aside from losing their loved one, they’ve also found themselves in the midst of some serious legal drama after finding out the details of Mickey’s will.

According to The New York Daily News, Mickey’s estate surprisingly only amounts to $18,000 — and most of his family isn’t entitled to any of it. Leaving wife of 35 years, Jan, out of it, Mickey’s estate now belongs entirely to one of his stepsons who eventually became his caretaker late in his life.

Mickey’s lawyer, Michael Augustine, explains his decision as providing for the son who not only cared for him but who also would benefit most from the money. According to Michael, Mickey’s eight biological children were in better financial situations than he was. Jan, who Mickey was separated from in 2012, will continue to be the beneficiary of his pension and social security.

Jan is also caught in a battle with Mickey’s remains, which she tried to remove from Forest Lawn Memorial Park in LA “against the decedent’s express wishes.” She was allegedly assisted by her son, Chris Aber, who Mickey successfully sued last year for elder abuse.

There will be a hearing on Friday, where a final decision about the body will made, and until then, Jan and Chris have been barred from the premises.

Source: New York Daily News

04.10.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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