The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Sneak Peek: Governor Has Hershel and Michonne as Hostages (VIDEO)

This is the kind of thing we were worried about.

In this new sneak peek for tomorrow's (Dec. 1) The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 8, "Too Far Gone," we see The Governor and company in their tank and vehicles outside the prison. We also see Michonne and Hershel kneeling on the ground as The Gov.'s "hostages." Rick comes out and says The Gov. doesn't need hostages. Gov says he does. Rick and his people have until sundown (not high noon?) to leave their new "home." Rick says they have children inside, and some of them are sick and won't make it. Tara is there, and looks concerned by that. (Foreshadowing? Is she the new comics Lilly?) But The Gov. just says he has a tank and he's letting Rick's people go - what a sweetheart, eh? - so what else do they have to talk about?

We're not expecting Hershel and Michonne to live through this. Maybe Michonne will find a way out, but...not Hershel? Remember what happened to Tyreese in the comics?