Ravenswood Midseason Finale: [SPOILER] Dies!? What Happens Next?
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Ravenswood Midseason Finale: [SPOILER] Dies!? What Happens Next?

In the Ravenswood Midseason Finale, Season 1 Episode 5 “Scared to Death,” we were completely dead when Caleb Rivers died. “HOW CAN CALEB DIE!” we screamed at our television screens, hugging our Haleb 4eva T-shirts closer to ourselves. Because, seriously, Caleb cannot die.

But when he jumped out of the haunted house’s secret exit through Miranda’s dream closet, he didn’t get to pick his landing — the collapsing room pushed him! He hit the ground and the next thing he knew, Miranda was helping him to his feet. But before both Hanna and Miranda lost their soul mate, Miranda put a stop to it.

“There’s still time,” she told Caleb, who must’ve hit his head pretty hard, considering he told Miranda that it “felt right” for them to be together. And luckily, there was, since he came to in a hospital, free of injury, so far as the doctors could tell.

But while he seems fine and dandy, miraculously, one thing worries us: Miranda told him that though it isn’t the time for them right now, it will be someday. Could Caleb’s fate as one half of the couple who must save Ravenswood mean that he and Hanna can never go back to Rosewood and live happily ever after? Share your thoughts below!

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11.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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