Ravenswood Midseason Finale Spoiler Photos: Caleb and Miranda Transported Back in Time!

We've always known there's some sort of weird time continuum happening in Ravenswood, but aren't sure about all the details just yet. One thing we do ;know, though, is that Miranda ;and Caleb will be heading back in time in Season 1 Episode 5, "Scared to Death" — the midseason finale! Their old timey clothes are adorable and all, but what does it mean for Miranda, who is trying "to prove that she's where she wants to be" in this episode?

Also concerning? We can't tell if we're being paranoid, but it looks like something might be stirring between Caleb and Olivia. Check out the pictures of the gang digging for something, and then tell us if you see it, too — and what you think these pics tell us.

To help you out, here's the complete synopsis for the episode: ;

The gang makes discoveries both horrifying and intriguing while investigating what they’re up against in “Scared to Death.”

Just when Caleb thought he was getting answers to what may be haunting Ravenswood, he hits a dead end and is left with more questions. Miranda tries to prove that she’s where she wants to be, but Caleb senses she’s in grave danger. Remy unwittingly uncovers a major clue into the how to break the curse, but further investigation leads to a truly haunting scene.

Meanwhile, Caleb tries to reassure Hanna, Luke tries to get on the same page with Remy, and Olivia strives to reconnect with Dillon.

Tune in to Ravenswood Season 1 Midseason Finale, “Scared to Death,” airing Tuesday, November 19 at 8 p.m. ET.