The Originals Midseason Premiere Promo — Creepy Witches Everywhere! (VIDEO)
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The Originals

The Originals Midseason Premiere Promo — Creepy Witches Everywhere! (VIDEO)

Wow! Who knew you could pack so much into a 30-second vid? The new trailer for The Originals’ midseason return is chock full of spells, snarks, and blood-spillage. It looks like this show is going to up its supernatural shenanigans when it returns next week with Episode 10 — which is saying something, because it was already balls-out crazy. What’s going down in the neck-snapping promo?

The witches call for backup

It looks like the witches of the French Quarter finally called for backup — you know, of the non-Mikaelson variety. We see a lot of new faces in the promo. Firstly, a clan of hooded female witches who cause blood to bubble from Elijah’s mouth in one shot. Not cool, witches. Not cool. Secondly, a gang of bowtied male witches who seem to be targeting Klaus’ other sibling. In one shot, we see them Rebekah at the center of a pentagram as the witches dance around a bonfire with a snake. Is she being used in a spell? And are all of this new witches on the same team?

Whatever the witches are up to, it seems like their days are numbered. We see Klaus stick his fingers into the eye sockets of one bowtied witch (gross), while Davina takes on the hooded faction herself, drawing a gaggle of them up into the air and simultaneously snapping their necks with her magic. Elsewhere, Sophie seems up to her own shenanigans. In a separate shot, we see her all-out slashing some woman’s throat. Damn. We may have to start taking her character seriously.

An epic climax

Finally, it looks like everything will culminate in a fiery climax in the cemetery. The first shots of the promo show Marcel, Rebekah, Klaus, and Elijah all looking serious as the cemetery burns around them. “I didn’t take over this town to watch it burn to the ground,” Klaus says. Did something just happen to Davina? Does she sacrifice herself for the Harvest? It seems a possibility as, elsewhere in the trailer, we see someone what looks like Marcel carrying a limp Davina in his arms through the cemetery. If so, witch better come back to life. This show looks like it’s about to get really fun and we wouldn’t want her to miss it.

Did that promo psych you up for The Originals’ return as much as it did us? Who are all the new faces in town? And what happens in that fiery cemetery? Share your theories in the comments below!

The Originals returns Tuesday, January 14, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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