Mike Fleiss Teases Bachelor Pad Return — Official Confirmation Coming?
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Mike Fleiss Teases Bachelor Pad Return — Official Confirmation Coming?

The buzz continues to build for a Bachelor Pad return, as we keep our fingers crossed that ABC opts to air Season 4 this summer. And now, we appear to have gotten what is almost an official confirmation from Bachelor honcho Mike Fleiss. Translation: The show’s potential contestants may want to start stocking up on penicillin now.

If the summer of 2013 felt a little less debaucherous to you, it’s probably because we were all forced to go Bachelor Pad-free. ABC declined to produce a fourth season last year, with Bachelor/ette creator Mike explaining that there was a dearth of truly compelling casting options.

Lately, there have been signs that ABC and Mike are changing their tunes. Reality Steve claims the show is indeed coming back, while Chris Harrison said recently that Bachelor Season 18 “free spirit” Lucy Aragon would make for a stellar BP contestant. And Lucy herself has been teasing for the past week that she would be revealing a surprise on Twitter during tonight’s “Women Tell All” special, which we can only assume will be Pad-related.

Adding to our suspicions is Mike’s tweet on February 28 in response to a fan asking about the show’s status:

This sounds like as close as Mike could give to a “yes” without completely spoiling the surprise. Clearly, there are currently plenty of people who would be perfect for the show, including Tierra LiCausi, AshLee Frazier, Courtney Robertson, Arie Luyendyk, Jr., and of course, Lucy.

And how soon would the show start? Well, Seasons 1 and 2 premiered in early August, while Season 3 debuted in late July. It probably would just depend on when The Bachelorette wraps up, since ABC would presumably use that show to promote the Pad. If you ask us, it can’t get here soon enough.

Are you hoping for a new season of Bachelor Pad? Or has the show run its course?

Source: Mike Fleiss on Twitter