Mike Tenerelli Comes to James Case’s Defense: “He’s A Good Kid!”
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The Bachelorette

Mike Tenerelli Comes to James Case’s Defense: “He’s A Good Kid!”

There's trouble in paradise, Bachelor Nation. And when we say "paradise" we mean the magical-yet-terrifying love shack where Desiree Hartsock keeps her prisoners love-shackled. It looks like James Case will go head-to-head with Drew Kenney during Monday's episode of The Bachelorette. And why is this beefcake showdown happening, you might ask? Because Drew heard James make a few comments to Mikey Tenerelli about his secret urges to be the next Bachelor. Oh no he did not.

Mike Tenerelli Comes to James Case’s Defense: “He’s A Good Kid!”
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Unfortunately, James doesn't have anyone in his corner because Mikey was deflowered in Munich, but this beefcake definitely has his bestie's back — at least in retrospect.

"James and I were talking as friends talk," Mike said during a recent media conference call. "What we said was, 'Hey you know, we hope this works out. If it doesn't, we both live in Chicago. We'll have a good time this summer.' I did mention the fact that I have a boat and we'll take it out. It was a normal conversation. There was no mention of who was going to be the next Bachelor or anything like that."

Mikey clearly thinks James was thrown under the bus by his fellow contestants, and maintains that dude is a stand up citizen of Bachelor Nation. "He definitely does not deserve that," Mike continued. "I think that conveniently, I get eliminated and then conveniently, the guys kind of gang up on him... He was not there for the wrong reasons. He's a good kid. He talked to me about Desiree and I knew that they had something good and I knew that — I thought he was going to be a frontrunner."

Who knows how Desiree will react once she finds out about James' comments, but we have a feeling boyfriend will get shoved into a limo and be forced to listen to "Right Reasons" on repeat until he goes deaf.

Source: Reality TV World