Miley Cyrus and Mike WiLL Made It “23” Music Video — See Her Rap With Her Rumored Lover! (NSFW)
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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus and Mike WiLL Made It “23” Music Video — See Her Rap With Her Rumored Lover! (NSFW)

We don't know about you, but we're not feeling 22 anymore. Twenty-three is the hottest number now, as evidenced by the new hit song from rumored lovebirds Miley Cyrus and Mike WiLL Made It — the music video for which was released today, September 24.

Mike's song "23" — which also features vocals by Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J in addition to the Twerking Queen's rap — pays tribute to NBA legend Michael Jordan, his iconic "23" Chicago Bulls jersey, and his Air Jordan brand of Nike sneakers.

The music video, however, has less to do with basketball and more to do with high school hijinks, as Mike tells Rap-Up TV.

"It's basically like a pep rally," he says. "I'm this kid at school and we play a trick on the principal. The principal leaves his office, I go in there and over the intercom start playing '23.' It just turns up the whole school."

So who is everyone else playing in this scenario?

"Miley's like the hot chick in the school," Mike reveals. "Juicy's like the dude that's messing with all the teachers, the super senior. And then we got Wiz in there. He's in the chemistry lab, he's high as hell. The video gets trippy when he comes up."

He elaborates that the roles are all symbolic of the artists' statures.

"Juicy J's been in the game for the longest, and he's still going. Wiz is that stoner that's just coming in different on his own wave. And then Miley's like the hot chick. And me — I'm like the new kid that kinda took over the game and just brought everybody together."

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're gonna watch this video again and look for a different type of chemistry.

Check out the video, and then cast your own judgment in the comment section below: Are Mike and Miley a thing?

Source: Rap-Up TV

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