Mikey Tenerelli Disses Desiree Hartsock: Not Everyone’s in Love with Her
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The Bachelorette

Mikey Tenerelli Disses Desiree Hartsock: Not Everyone’s in Love with Her

Bryden Vukasin shocked fans when he eliminated himself from The Bachelorette in Munich on the June 24 episode. After all, was it really necessary for him to hop on a plane to Germany when he was already having doubts about Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock in Atlantic City?

Recently rejected contestant / lover of snow people / future father of 10, Mikey Tenerelli, seems to think so.

"Bryden is a very upfront and honest person, and he's a good person. So I know that when we [traveled] from Atlantic City to Germany, in his head, he still saw a chance for things to work out," Mikey explained during a recent media interview. "If he didn't, he never would have gotten on that plane, and I know Des wasn't happy about that."

So, basically Bryden boarded the plane with feelings for Desiree, and somewhere over the Atlantic realized that he was totally iffy about her. Oh, well at least he gave the other men on The Bachelorette a chance to get ahead in the competition!

"It's not always Desiree eliminating you and everyone's in love with Desiree. It's got to be mutual, and Bryden didn't feel like that, and he left," Mikey says. "He gave the other, you know, I think it was 10 of us at that time, an opportunity to further our connections and take himself out of the equation because he just wasn't into it."

Hear that, Des? It's not all about you, gosh.

Source: Reality TV World