Pregnant Mila Kunis’s Due Date Is Soon — Is She Nervous About Giving Birth?
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Pregnant Mila Kunis’s Due Date Is Soon — Is She Nervous About Giving Birth?

Let the countdown to baby Kunis-Kutcher begin! Pregnant Mila Kunis’s belly is getting bigger with each day that passes. That means she’s approaching her due date, which is speculated to be in late summer or early fall.

While the 31-year-old actress has already been pretty forthcoming with details of her delivery — girlfriend isn’t using an epidural! — one has to wonder, is the first-time mama-to-be nervous at all?

Well it turns out that Mila is more thrilled than anything else! "Mila is so excited about the baby. She's not nervous at all. She's been really calm and chill about it all,” a source reveals to E! News.

What’s more, the expectant mom is already getting her nesting on. That means fitting in some serious pre-natal workout classes, and getting the nursery ready to go in time for her (rumored) little girl’s arrival.

"Right now she's just getting everything ready," the source says. "She is making sure the house is prepared and the nursery is stocked. She's been very involved in everything. She really wants to be a hands-on mom."

The insider adds, “She is beyond thrilled that she's having a girl. She would have been happy with anything, but she is so excited that it's a baby girl.”

So where will fiancé Ashton Kutcher be during these final few weeks? Right by his lady love’s side, of course. "Ashton is not letting Mila out of his sight. They are spending every moment together. He can’t wait.”

The same goes for us as well! Make sure you check back with Wetpaint Entertainment for developing news on Mila and Ashton’s bundle of joy!

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Source: E! News